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Penis videos on YouTube

If you are in the mood for looking at penises, YouTube is probably not the first site that comes to mind. Obviously, you won’t find hardcore gay porn videos there, but you can indeed watch some hot videos of how to put on condoms and how to use penis pumps, along with some other arousing videos displaying uncensored cocks. Spending some time searching for dicks on YouTube, these are the hottest videos we came across. They can only be watched directly on YouTube though as you need to verify if you want to view the content due to nudity. If you have come across any hot cock videos on YouTube worth listing, feel free to submit them

Penis videos on YouTube

Sexy guy reviewing a penis pump

You can see this gorgeous guy in all his glory doing a review of a Bathmate penis pump on YouTube. This video was uploaded in 2016 and has racked up over 2 million views so far. I’m pretty sure they didn’t come for the actual penis pump review, but to gaze upon his beautiful cock and body

Sexy penis pump guy part 2

This is the follow-up video of the sexy penis pump guy above, showing off his results after 6 weeks. Looks like the penis pump worked out for him because his dick sure looks bigger now, and you get some nice closeup views of it here. This video has a whopping 9.5 million views, you can watch the video here

Penis pump review with Ellis Lacy

Here is another penis pump review video on YouTube, this time with MMA fighter and X-factor participant Ellis Lacy nude. Here you get a nice view of his big smooth shaved cock and tattoed firm body, while he is measuring his dick in front of the camera. Due to the nudity, it must also be watched on YouTube

Nice dick guy putting on a condom

Here is a quick penis video on YouTube with 650.000 views, featuring a guy putting on a condom while giving a close-up view of his dick. Then magically the condom is filled with cum and he demonstrates how to take it off and tie it up, while keeping the cock in focus. You can watch this condom tutorial here

Testicular exam with Johnny Rapid

This testicular exam video with gay porn star Johnny Rapid is actually not so dumb to look at for medical reasons. Once you have checked your balls, you can enjoy the view of his delicious soft cock and smooth firm butt. This video was published back in 2017 and has over 3.5 million views so far. Watch it here

Nude body painting in public

This video has some nude guys getting body painted blue outdoors in a public park, there is a couple of nice dicks here to have a peek at if you don’t mind the somewhat low quality of the video. For those of you who are into voyeur, this one could maybe get the blood flowing. Click here if you want to watch it

Guy gift-wrapping his cock

Some guy with a smooth hot body unbuttoning his pants to show how to put on a condom. You get a nice long view of his hard cock on this video that can be seen here. He even jerks off a little at the end of the video, this kinda borders to porn. 27 million people have seen this video since it was uploaded in 2015

Woman putting on a condom

Another condom demonstration on YouTube, this time performed by a Spanish woman. Uploaded in 2014, but the video quality is good and you get a nice view of a fully hard cock. Bet that woman stayed down there after the camera was shut off. This condom tutorial has over 9.5 million views. Watch it here

Black cock condom tutorial

This video explaining how to put on a condom got a bit much annoying text and graphical elements, but at least you get a good view of a delicious long black cock getting wrapped in a condom. It also involves around 10 seconds of the guy jerking off. This video got over 10 million views since it was posted in 2015

Another testicular exam video

Here is another testicular exam video on YouTube where you get to see some cock as well, but only for a glimpse as the guy covers it for most of the exam. This video could be exciting if you are into guys massaging their balls though. After 55 seconds the rest of the video is just talking. Click here to watch it


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